Happy New Year-

Hey, I hope everyones having a good new years and had a good year. Copying Joe's idea I'm gona post some of the highlights of the year.
January-Could walk and opened up a funeral home.
February- Swapped Ljs
March- Got a PSP
April- Found out I look retarted in a sombrerro
May- Escorted a beauty pagaent (that may have happend in april), got backstabbed and met Ronnie Day
June- School ended, and Peyton and I placed 2nd in the wheelbarrow race.
July- Caught my hair on fire and sold a boat.
August- Went to New Orleans
September- Turned 15, started using mac instead of windows, and got a 2nd nephew.
October- Our businesses gave away between 800-900 cokes for halloween.
November- Won an Xbox 360 in the Hex 168 contest, and saw 3 doors down in concert.
December- Had an open house at a funeral home, and Christmas.

Thats been some of the things thats happend this year for me, all in all its been a good year. I remained single the whole time for better or for worse. And we built a house. I hope 2006 goes well for everyone. And a late Merry Christmas to everyone.

See most of you on Wendsday, ttyl

P.S. Everyone should try this, its kinda neat http://drawapig.desktopcreatures.com/
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Open House

Hey, this post is just to talk about our open house so no personal stories but anyhow I'm going to jump right into it. Saturday December 10th 1-4 p.m., we're going to be hosting a Christmas Open House at our funeral home. We're going to have a professional harpist playing Christmas music. Also there will be free food like sandwiches and things of that nature. And there will be door prizes, we'll be giving away several country hams and a couple gift baskets. If you don't know where it is.. The directions are it's beside Zion Family Ministries and across from Friendship Ambulance Service, to those who don't know where that is, it's behind the Wise theater on the road between the K Mart and Food Lion shopping centers. Anyhow if you get a chance come by, it's a really nice building and it will be a nice thing so come by on Saturday and bring everyone you can. You may even get to see me giving tours?.......

From 3 doors down to 360

Hey guys.. been quite a while since i last updated and i figured i might aswell. Theres been a few interesting things thats happend. I went to the 3 doors down concert last week http://gallery.eastkyexpo.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=3_door_down_2005&id=aab . It was good I went with my brother, my sister, and my sister-in law.. not exactly the people i had thought to go with when i first heard about it but its all good. Im really enjoying my mac, its perfect for multitasking just not gaming. On halloween I gave out drinks to trick or treaters at a park for our business.. between 2 parks and school trick or treaters that morning we gave out roughly 900-1000 drinks. Some rather big and interesting news, I got in a casket the other day. It wasnt for fun and their really not that comftorable but i did it for a reason. It was all for a contest, It was a photo submission contest by microsoft. It was to show off the (fictional) mysterious powers of hex 168. And thanks again to all those who voted for me. Anyhow I won! On wendsday I'll get a free Xbox 360 3 games and a year of live 6 days before the official launch. I also have a ticket to california and to this large launch party but i cant do it. My dad may though lol, Im still ecstatic just about the console. I came in 16th in my division which was the most entered one its called Unbelievable power of the hex. Heres a link to my picture http://www.hex168.com/winners.aspx?type=0&sighting=E26D2009-95AF-4521-99E2-E736A4F5D862 . Now that the more interesting news is over I only have one or two things ill post. Some people from a Napoleon Hill group came to our school out of 2 business classes I was the only one who had ever heard of him (he has some great philosophys). I went to my grandparents church in honor of my grandfather serving in world war 2. Theres been quite a bit thats happend but Im drawing a blank right now. So I'll ttyl.............................

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2 months

Well 2 months... quite a bit has happend thats for sure.. well the town i wrote about in my last update has been destroyed (twice). And my heart really does go out to the people of New Orleans.. Hmm the fair came and went, it was pretty cool I suppose. School started and its going pretty good. My dad had a birthday. My sister also had one and she celebrated in kingsport and Destinee went with her (so did I).It was Sep. 18 and for a long time I saw noone I knew then I ran into Lindsey (dean), Vanessa and Kayli. Oh something else important happend.. On Sunday my sister-in-law had her baby. His name is Trent he's very tiny and cool. Im gona try to get some pictures of him on the net here soon.. If I ever find the time that is. Well my desktop screwed up I sent it in for repair after a month it came back and wouldnt turn on so its in Nashville again. Today's my birthday, I actually got most of my presents yesterday. I got me a new toy, its called an iBook, the things awesome I gotta say, it runs on Mac OSX 10v4 but its called tiger, its more advanced and faster than Windows XP. I got that a game a mouse and some money. And ironically enough I ran into Vanessa and Kayli at WalMart today. I signed up for the Young Republicans a few days ago, who knows you may even see me giving out fliers tomorrow. But I'm not sure if I'm gona get a chance to do it. Im just gona do a few quick randoms I suppose because that was all my important stuff so feel free to skip this part. I met a Leprechan hunter the other day. I've almost caught up to the age that people think I am most guess 16-17 although some guess higher cough bartender in New Orlens if you catch my drift but I didnt take any alcahol. I saw Kitauna at the fair twice, the wise pound game and the wise norton game lol. And for some reason her friend went around telling people I liked her, but I didnt and dont know who she is lol. Jessie wanted me to do 9 o clock club but I decided against it lol, I kinda remembered the whole I cant dance, sing, or act lol. Anyhow thats all for now, there's been a lot more but im drawing a blank right now. That and may Don Adams rest in peace most probaly dont know who he is but he was the lead character in this spy comedy from the 60's called Get Smart and he died the other day. See yall

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Last time before school starts..

Well, last week I went to New Orleans. We drove to Lexington and caught a flight to atlanta and then New Orleans. My first flying experience wasnt much because i had a 6 o clock flight and hadnt had any sleep that night so both times i feel asleep right after take off. New Orleans is a very interesting city (theres an understatement). We mostly just kinda walked around checked out the town. We went down bourbon street which is the most famous street in New Orleans. Its like t-shirt store, bar, strip club, and repeat. But theres a lot of more christian activites to do of course. Like we went to the National D-day museum and took a cemetery tour. The food there is really good too. I even tried aligator as much as i hate to sound stereotypical but no joke it tasted like chicken just a little tougher. If it had been any hotter i would have melted.

Well I got back and everything took a few days to rest and then went to kingsport and johnson city with corey. I picked up a few things including the new Jason Mraz cd, talk about a waste of money most of the songs are junk with an exceptiong of 2 or 3. The next day I had been invited to Joy's house to watch some movies with her and some of her friends. It was fun but i was so tried I had to leave early. That and it was kinda like part of her christian youth group so there was a lotta inside jokes and stuff so not waning to be the guy saying oh whats that about I mostly stayd quiet. Plus being the outsider made me nervous then again if you know or have ever seen Joy you'd know why else I would be nervous lol. That and they didnt like ddr, i thought/hoped theyd like it. I just hope I didnt seem rude. I just couldnt really jump in any conversations.

Well heres my school schedule: Hrm 101. Locker 1040. Combination not that stupid. Geometry C south. English 9 Lusk P. Word Processing B Cuffel. Spanich 2 Lowe R. Well thats been some of the stuff thats happend since my last update. See you all soon.
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4 in the morning

Well its 4 in the morning and I can't sleep. No surprise there so I figured I'd update. I just got done downloading the new boys night out cd. Its a pretty good cd especially medication and composing then again theres only 3 songs on the cd. This update is gona be full of randoms. Kitauna hates me now lol. I found out I almost got jumped one night and didnt know it. Yah another long story in a nutshell some girl added me on icq one night and her bf who she claimed she didnt have freaked out. I did what any person would do I just stopped talking to her but he still holds a grudge. The 4th of July went pretty good my family always has 2 parties. The first went really, well I got to see alotta family. If it had been any hotter I would have melted though. The second party went all right I didn't feel so well though. And in a moment of stupidity I had an idea.. what would happen if you through a artillery shell in the water?.. Well turns out it still works and sparks went flying.. it actually caught my hair on fire lol. But it only burnt a few hairs no big deal you cant even notice it. Im just glad I dont wear hair spray.

My grand parents from Ohio came in and stayed a few days. It was all right I got to hear several post WW2 stories. My grandfather served in Austria in 1946 and he's real big into that. My grandmother claims to be a diabetic but one day she had over 6 cokes. So I have my suspiciouns lol. Well tomorrow my parents if all goes as it most likely and surely will we will now own a cemetery. We're buying Green Acres cemetery. Construction on my house is going good they just now started the second floor and I should be getting visited by santa in there. But I may not be eating turkey. Ive been trying to decide if I want to buy a set of drums too?..

My buddy corey wanted me to go a g2k lock in. So I decided to go with him. It was pretty fun. It was there I found out I came dangerously close to getting jumped a month ago at the same place. Yah we decided to go get something to eat and we decided to go to the huddle house. While in route my cell phone started ringing. I answer and I hear "I C U".. turns out it was Allie and Emily. I must admit that caught me by surprise. They were at food city. They drove by and waved, this one like 10 yr. old kid goes did you see that? Some girls drove by and waved at us, they were hot. I was able to say they were waving at me his reply was "you suck". In a completely non-related story Hannah won some beauty pagaent too I have no idea what it was?.. Right now some of her friends and her and spme pf her friends kinda had a parting of the ways. It involved them pouring stuff on them while they were asleep and locking her and a few other girls out of the host's room at a sleep over. Or atleast thats what I've heard?..I've been working some aswell. So I've been fairly busy. Theres been a few other things thats happend but this post is way too long all ready. So Im gona go and try to get some sleep.
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Might aswell update

Hey been quite a while. But no point in dwelling on that fact. So far summer has been good but a little boring at times. Well school is out, luckily. Field day was fun me and Peyton came in second in the wheelbarrow race. Made me sick but still was all right. Hmmmmmm what else what else? Corey and I have been hanging out quite a bit recently. From riding bikes to him trying to teach me DDR. Fathers day was pretty good I went to my grandparents, a lot of my family was there which is always good. I also sold a boat lol. We had this older boat that needed some serious work and I sold it on ebay. My ronnie day Cd came in. He signed it and sent some stickers which was pretty cool. I've been trying to get a little better at swimming, you know pass the whole swimming like a rock thing. Well thats been some of the stuff going on in my life. Ttyl


But I wana leave on these 2 notes:
First one being this here was an away message I saw tonight and thought it was kinda funny *Kara* is Away: -*-LeAvE mE aLoNe-*-
-*-LeAvE 'eM-*-

The second note now only 1 person will get this but oh my dog this entry is over.
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Hey like i said in my last update Im gona update about the week and of course prom. Well Friday was prom. I got ready I wore cackis and a blue dress shirt with a gold tie. I found lauren and gave her some flowers. I talked with some of my friends then I went in. Lauren and I danced a lil then it kinda went downhill lol. Ill leave it at that, but we did dance a little more. I also danced with Kesha lol. But most of it was just chit chatting with friends. I also talked to Joy Bryant for the first time in many a days lol. Then I went and ate at the huddle house with some people and then went bowling. That was that experience. Plus I need to thank Allie for trying to help me. I also ordered Ronnie Days Cd.. You really need to check him out.

I wasnt able to go to Ohio because of business. But Saturday I went to g2k.. Aaron, Chris, Jesse, Jordan and a few other people. And Sunday I baby sat my nephew. Thats been my weekend lol.


Been a month

Well its been about a month since I last updated so I guess I need to. Stuff Ive done? A lot of stuff Ive forgotten but heres what I remembered.

I went to g2k with some friends one night and had a good time.
Decided to do a lock in with the next weekend at G2k.. Jordan, Chris Darnell, my cousin and some other people went. It was pretty fun.
I went to Grandfathers 82nd birthday, it was nice to see him and all my other family. But I fear this is the last birthday he'll celebrate. I really hate to think that way but hes not in good health.
I took my Math and English SOL tests.
Ive chatted with this famous musician named Ronnie Day, hes pretty cool. Heres the link I suggest going there. My favorite song is Outside of truth and heroes die but the other few are pretty good http://www.purevolume.com/ronnieday .
Tomorrows the dance.. I hate to say it but Im dreading it lol. I dance about as good as a statue does. In my next update Ill talk a little about it.
Saturday I may hit G2k? I'll probaly also go to my sisters gymnastic recital. Then Im leaving for Ohio to go to my other grandfathers birthday. Im gona miss school on monday.
Oh yah I talked to Kitauna last week. It was pretty cool. She said shed be on the next day but wasnt. And to my knowledge hasnt logged on any since. But tomorrow is her play, I hope she does good. Id like to go see it but I cant I have this dance.
I also went to see the new Star Wars movie with Corey. It was pretty good but where its a prequel? its not that good. Its like watching the last 45 minutes of a movie and then watching the full movie a week later.

Anyhow thats all to my knowledge? I'll probably update about the dance and or my ohio trip soon.

So long
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