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From Monterreys to snow

Hey, its been a interesting week lol. So I'll just tell the more interesting parts.
Friday I went to Monterreys, I didnt like the food too much. But it was definetly a experience. I also learned how bad I look in a Sombrerro.
Saturday I saw Amittyville horror, a dumb movie, I found it lame not scary. I also went to g2k, and traded in a few games and picked up resident evil 4. Now that game is weird lol but its pretty fun.
Saturday Night. I talked to kitaunas sister and cousin, it was a lil bizzare. They asked me if I still liked her. I didnt really answer, then they said theyd brb and logged off?
Sunday laid around..

A few weird things this week:
I took up golf.. ive gone to the driving range twice. Its pretty fun my brother and sister-in laws brother is teaching me how to play.
This is a lil weird but i was watching a program about the sega dreamcast and id like to compare its simmilarites with me and my ex gf.. this is weird but kinda funny.
The codename during developement was Kitauna (well its spelled Kitawna but pronounced the same thing)
the initials of Dreamcast is DC. same as my initials.
It came out September 9, 1999. I met her in september and i was exactly 9 months older than her? Plus the console is white and we're white. (that last one was a joke but is true).

Anyhow thats all. And believe it or not.. its snowing lol.
Plus i found this cool song called bonnie taylor remix, i can kinda relate to it lol. heres the link. There should be a lil player to the right just click on the song, hit pause then let it load. and please dont ask me what it means. lol http://www.purevolume.com/hellogoodbye
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