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Been a month

Well its been about a month since I last updated so I guess I need to. Stuff Ive done? A lot of stuff Ive forgotten but heres what I remembered.

I went to g2k with some friends one night and had a good time.
Decided to do a lock in with the next weekend at G2k.. Jordan, Chris Darnell, my cousin and some other people went. It was pretty fun.
I went to Grandfathers 82nd birthday, it was nice to see him and all my other family. But I fear this is the last birthday he'll celebrate. I really hate to think that way but hes not in good health.
I took my Math and English SOL tests.
Ive chatted with this famous musician named Ronnie Day, hes pretty cool. Heres the link I suggest going there. My favorite song is Outside of truth and heroes die but the other few are pretty good http://www.purevolume.com/ronnieday .
Tomorrows the dance.. I hate to say it but Im dreading it lol. I dance about as good as a statue does. In my next update Ill talk a little about it.
Saturday I may hit G2k? I'll probaly also go to my sisters gymnastic recital. Then Im leaving for Ohio to go to my other grandfathers birthday. Im gona miss school on monday.
Oh yah I talked to Kitauna last week. It was pretty cool. She said shed be on the next day but wasnt. And to my knowledge hasnt logged on any since. But tomorrow is her play, I hope she does good. Id like to go see it but I cant I have this dance.
I also went to see the new Star Wars movie with Corey. It was pretty good but where its a prequel? its not that good. Its like watching the last 45 minutes of a movie and then watching the full movie a week later.

Anyhow thats all to my knowledge? I'll probably update about the dance and or my ohio trip soon.

So long
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