davidcarty (davidcarty) wrote,


Hey like i said in my last update Im gona update about the week and of course prom. Well Friday was prom. I got ready I wore cackis and a blue dress shirt with a gold tie. I found lauren and gave her some flowers. I talked with some of my friends then I went in. Lauren and I danced a lil then it kinda went downhill lol. Ill leave it at that, but we did dance a little more. I also danced with Kesha lol. But most of it was just chit chatting with friends. I also talked to Joy Bryant for the first time in many a days lol. Then I went and ate at the huddle house with some people and then went bowling. That was that experience. Plus I need to thank Allie for trying to help me. I also ordered Ronnie Days Cd.. You really need to check him out.

I wasnt able to go to Ohio because of business. But Saturday I went to g2k.. Aaron, Chris, Jesse, Jordan and a few other people. And Sunday I baby sat my nephew. Thats been my weekend lol.

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