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Might aswell update

Hey been quite a while. But no point in dwelling on that fact. So far summer has been good but a little boring at times. Well school is out, luckily. Field day was fun me and Peyton came in second in the wheelbarrow race. Made me sick but still was all right. Hmmmmmm what else what else? Corey and I have been hanging out quite a bit recently. From riding bikes to him trying to teach me DDR. Fathers day was pretty good I went to my grandparents, a lot of my family was there which is always good. I also sold a boat lol. We had this older boat that needed some serious work and I sold it on ebay. My ronnie day Cd came in. He signed it and sent some stickers which was pretty cool. I've been trying to get a little better at swimming, you know pass the whole swimming like a rock thing. Well thats been some of the stuff going on in my life. Ttyl


But I wana leave on these 2 notes:
First one being this here was an away message I saw tonight and thought it was kinda funny *Kara* is Away: -*-LeAvE mE aLoNe-*-
-*-LeAvE 'eM-*-

The second note now only 1 person will get this but oh my dog this entry is over.
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