November 13th, 2005

From 3 doors down to 360

Hey guys.. been quite a while since i last updated and i figured i might aswell. Theres been a few interesting things thats happend. I went to the 3 doors down concert last week . It was good I went with my brother, my sister, and my sister-in law.. not exactly the people i had thought to go with when i first heard about it but its all good. Im really enjoying my mac, its perfect for multitasking just not gaming. On halloween I gave out drinks to trick or treaters at a park for our business.. between 2 parks and school trick or treaters that morning we gave out roughly 900-1000 drinks. Some rather big and interesting news, I got in a casket the other day. It wasnt for fun and their really not that comftorable but i did it for a reason. It was all for a contest, It was a photo submission contest by microsoft. It was to show off the (fictional) mysterious powers of hex 168. And thanks again to all those who voted for me. Anyhow I won! On wendsday I'll get a free Xbox 360 3 games and a year of live 6 days before the official launch. I also have a ticket to california and to this large launch party but i cant do it. My dad may though lol, Im still ecstatic just about the console. I came in 16th in my division which was the most entered one its called Unbelievable power of the hex. Heres a link to my picture . Now that the more interesting news is over I only have one or two things ill post. Some people from a Napoleon Hill group came to our school out of 2 business classes I was the only one who had ever heard of him (he has some great philosophys). I went to my grandparents church in honor of my grandfather serving in world war 2. Theres been quite a bit thats happend but Im drawing a blank right now. So I'll ttyl.............................

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