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4 in the morning

Well its 4 in the morning and I can't sleep. No surprise there so I figured I'd update. I just got done downloading the new boys night out cd. Its a pretty good cd especially medication and composing then again theres only 3 songs on the cd. This update is gona be full of randoms. Kitauna hates me now lol. I found out I almost got jumped one night and didnt know it. Yah another long story in a nutshell some girl added me on icq one night and her bf who she claimed she didnt have freaked out. I did what any person would do I just stopped talking to her but he still holds a grudge. The 4th of July went pretty good my family always has 2 parties. The first went really, well I got to see alotta family. If it had been any hotter I would have melted though. The second party went all right I didn't feel so well though. And in a moment of stupidity I had an idea.. what would happen if you through a artillery shell in the water?.. Well turns out it still works and sparks went flying.. it actually caught my hair on fire lol. But it only burnt a few hairs no big deal you cant even notice it. Im just glad I dont wear hair spray.

My grand parents from Ohio came in and stayed a few days. It was all right I got to hear several post WW2 stories. My grandfather served in Austria in 1946 and he's real big into that. My grandmother claims to be a diabetic but one day she had over 6 cokes. So I have my suspiciouns lol. Well tomorrow my parents if all goes as it most likely and surely will we will now own a cemetery. We're buying Green Acres cemetery. Construction on my house is going good they just now started the second floor and I should be getting visited by santa in there. But I may not be eating turkey. Ive been trying to decide if I want to buy a set of drums too?..

My buddy corey wanted me to go a g2k lock in. So I decided to go with him. It was pretty fun. It was there I found out I came dangerously close to getting jumped a month ago at the same place. Yah we decided to go get something to eat and we decided to go to the huddle house. While in route my cell phone started ringing. I answer and I hear "I C U".. turns out it was Allie and Emily. I must admit that caught me by surprise. They were at food city. They drove by and waved, this one like 10 yr. old kid goes did you see that? Some girls drove by and waved at us, they were hot. I was able to say they were waving at me his reply was "you suck". In a completely non-related story Hannah won some beauty pagaent too I have no idea what it was?.. Right now some of her friends and her and spme pf her friends kinda had a parting of the ways. It involved them pouring stuff on them while they were asleep and locking her and a few other girls out of the host's room at a sleep over. Or atleast thats what I've heard?..I've been working some aswell. So I've been fairly busy. Theres been a few other things thats happend but this post is way too long all ready. So Im gona go and try to get some sleep.
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