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Last time before school starts..

Well, last week I went to New Orleans. We drove to Lexington and caught a flight to atlanta and then New Orleans. My first flying experience wasnt much because i had a 6 o clock flight and hadnt had any sleep that night so both times i feel asleep right after take off. New Orleans is a very interesting city (theres an understatement). We mostly just kinda walked around checked out the town. We went down bourbon street which is the most famous street in New Orleans. Its like t-shirt store, bar, strip club, and repeat. But theres a lot of more christian activites to do of course. Like we went to the National D-day museum and took a cemetery tour. The food there is really good too. I even tried aligator as much as i hate to sound stereotypical but no joke it tasted like chicken just a little tougher. If it had been any hotter i would have melted.

Well I got back and everything took a few days to rest and then went to kingsport and johnson city with corey. I picked up a few things including the new Jason Mraz cd, talk about a waste of money most of the songs are junk with an exceptiong of 2 or 3. The next day I had been invited to Joy's house to watch some movies with her and some of her friends. It was fun but i was so tried I had to leave early. That and it was kinda like part of her christian youth group so there was a lotta inside jokes and stuff so not waning to be the guy saying oh whats that about I mostly stayd quiet. Plus being the outsider made me nervous then again if you know or have ever seen Joy you'd know why else I would be nervous lol. That and they didnt like ddr, i thought/hoped theyd like it. I just hope I didnt seem rude. I just couldnt really jump in any conversations.

Well heres my school schedule: Hrm 101. Locker 1040. Combination not that stupid. Geometry C south. English 9 Lusk P. Word Processing B Cuffel. Spanich 2 Lowe R. Well thats been some of the stuff thats happend since my last update. See you all soon.
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