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2 months

Well 2 months... quite a bit has happend thats for sure.. well the town i wrote about in my last update has been destroyed (twice). And my heart really does go out to the people of New Orleans.. Hmm the fair came and went, it was pretty cool I suppose. School started and its going pretty good. My dad had a birthday. My sister also had one and she celebrated in kingsport and Destinee went with her (so did I).It was Sep. 18 and for a long time I saw noone I knew then I ran into Lindsey (dean), Vanessa and Kayli. Oh something else important happend.. On Sunday my sister-in-law had her baby. His name is Trent he's very tiny and cool. Im gona try to get some pictures of him on the net here soon.. If I ever find the time that is. Well my desktop screwed up I sent it in for repair after a month it came back and wouldnt turn on so its in Nashville again. Today's my birthday, I actually got most of my presents yesterday. I got me a new toy, its called an iBook, the things awesome I gotta say, it runs on Mac OSX 10v4 but its called tiger, its more advanced and faster than Windows XP. I got that a game a mouse and some money. And ironically enough I ran into Vanessa and Kayli at WalMart today. I signed up for the Young Republicans a few days ago, who knows you may even see me giving out fliers tomorrow. But I'm not sure if I'm gona get a chance to do it. Im just gona do a few quick randoms I suppose because that was all my important stuff so feel free to skip this part. I met a Leprechan hunter the other day. I've almost caught up to the age that people think I am most guess 16-17 although some guess higher cough bartender in New Orlens if you catch my drift but I didnt take any alcahol. I saw Kitauna at the fair twice, the wise pound game and the wise norton game lol. And for some reason her friend went around telling people I liked her, but I didnt and dont know who she is lol. Jessie wanted me to do 9 o clock club but I decided against it lol, I kinda remembered the whole I cant dance, sing, or act lol. Anyhow thats all for now, there's been a lot more but im drawing a blank right now. That and may Don Adams rest in peace most probaly dont know who he is but he was the lead character in this spy comedy from the 60's called Get Smart and he died the other day. See yall

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