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Happy New Year-

Hey, I hope everyones having a good new years and had a good year. Copying Joe's idea I'm gona post some of the highlights of the year.
January-Could walk and opened up a funeral home.
February- Swapped Ljs
March- Got a PSP
April- Found out I look retarted in a sombrerro
May- Escorted a beauty pagaent (that may have happend in april), got backstabbed and met Ronnie Day
June- School ended, and Peyton and I placed 2nd in the wheelbarrow race.
July- Caught my hair on fire and sold a boat.
August- Went to New Orleans
September- Turned 15, started using mac instead of windows, and got a 2nd nephew.
October- Our businesses gave away between 800-900 cokes for halloween.
November- Won an Xbox 360 in the Hex 168 contest, and saw 3 doors down in concert.
December- Had an open house at a funeral home, and Christmas.

Thats been some of the things thats happend this year for me, all in all its been a good year. I remained single the whole time for better or for worse. And we built a house. I hope 2006 goes well for everyone. And a late Merry Christmas to everyone.

See most of you on Wendsday, ttyl

P.S. Everyone should try this, its kinda neat http://drawapig.desktopcreatures.com/
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