davidcarty (davidcarty) wrote,

2 week update

Hey its been a lil while (2 weeks) since ive updated. So here I go.
Last Friday: Went bowling I played 4 games with ppl and never lost one. I even scored a 143. Some people from Pound were kidding/bugging me lol. I didnt know them. I also got hussled, this girl named stephanie was like dont make fun of me if i do bad. She got a 7, then a strike and some other pretty good scores. Plus that night and most unfortunately Elaine Lawson passed away. She is now in a better place.
Last Saturday Layd around the house.
Last Sunday I attended Elaine's funeral.
Monday went to school and in Spanish class Senora Meade re-arranged our seats. I now sit in between Allie and Madison. Which is cool lol.
Friday had some 6-weeks tests and all. I then went to g2k and got me a 524 MB memory card for my psp. I stayed up all night figuring out how to put movies on to it and I finally figured it out.
Satuday I went to Johnson City, I wanted to go to Kingsport but was over-ruled. Had I done that I would have gotten to meet Sarah Miya. Anyhow back to the story lol, I ended up buying Red Vs. Blue Season 1 and 2 on DVD. Those things are hilarious. I also got a video game.
Sunday I studied for tests and relaxed. I also put the first season of Red Vs. Blue on my memory stick so now i can watch when and where ever I want. But thats been the more exciting parts of my last 2 weeks.

Signing off
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