From Monterreys to snow

Hey, its been a interesting week lol. So I'll just tell the more interesting parts.
Friday I went to Monterreys, I didnt like the food too much. But it was definetly a experience. I also learned how bad I look in a Sombrerro.
Saturday I saw Amittyville horror, a dumb movie, I found it lame not scary. I also went to g2k, and traded in a few games and picked up resident evil 4. Now that game is weird lol but its pretty fun.
Saturday Night. I talked to kitaunas sister and cousin, it was a lil bizzare. They asked me if I still liked her. I didnt really answer, then they said theyd brb and logged off?
Sunday laid around..

A few weird things this week:
I took up golf.. ive gone to the driving range twice. Its pretty fun my brother and sister-in laws brother is teaching me how to play.
This is a lil weird but i was watching a program about the sega dreamcast and id like to compare its simmilarites with me and my ex gf.. this is weird but kinda funny.
The codename during developement was Kitauna (well its spelled Kitawna but pronounced the same thing)
the initials of Dreamcast is DC. same as my initials.
It came out September 9, 1999. I met her in september and i was exactly 9 months older than her? Plus the console is white and we're white. (that last one was a joke but is true).

Anyhow thats all. And believe it or not.. its snowing lol.
Plus i found this cool song called bonnie taylor remix, i can kinda relate to it lol. heres the link. There should be a lil player to the right just click on the song, hit pause then let it load. and please dont ask me what it means. lol
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2 week update

Hey its been a lil while (2 weeks) since ive updated. So here I go.
Last Friday: Went bowling I played 4 games with ppl and never lost one. I even scored a 143. Some people from Pound were kidding/bugging me lol. I didnt know them. I also got hussled, this girl named stephanie was like dont make fun of me if i do bad. She got a 7, then a strike and some other pretty good scores. Plus that night and most unfortunately Elaine Lawson passed away. She is now in a better place.
Last Saturday Layd around the house.
Last Sunday I attended Elaine's funeral.
Monday went to school and in Spanish class Senora Meade re-arranged our seats. I now sit in between Allie and Madison. Which is cool lol.
Friday had some 6-weeks tests and all. I then went to g2k and got me a 524 MB memory card for my psp. I stayed up all night figuring out how to put movies on to it and I finally figured it out.
Satuday I went to Johnson City, I wanted to go to Kingsport but was over-ruled. Had I done that I would have gotten to meet Sarah Miya. Anyhow back to the story lol, I ended up buying Red Vs. Blue Season 1 and 2 on DVD. Those things are hilarious. I also got a video game.
Sunday I studied for tests and relaxed. I also put the first season of Red Vs. Blue on my memory stick so now i can watch when and where ever I want. But thats been the more exciting parts of my last 2 weeks.

Signing off


hey guys,
Yes its the time you all have been dreading. An update from David lol. Well lifes been UP and DOWN. We got our Mid-six weeks report and it wasnt as good as i expected lol. But I guess Ill work on that. The weeks been pretty good. One part was hilarious, Mr. Bryant used peyton and Monty as an example. "If Peyton Rode home with Monty he'd need a note" the whole cafeteria started laughing. They hate each other now and Mr. Bryant didnt know it.

Spanish class has been just loads fun. The teacher admitted to the whole class that she liked to see this one girl scared and she loved to see me nervous. Shes making me write 100 times i will not lean back in my chair. Aaron and Kevin asked for some mints and I leaned back to access my pocket and she busted me. I even told her and she said she didnt see that but too bad. So one number one Im gona write the spanish part then in English "even if it makes it a lot easier to access my pockets. Yah that really wasnt fun. I was sitting there in a really good mood for a few reasons lol.

I went to the dance for a minute to get hannah. It was crazy as could be. I had to zig and zag to dodge everyone. I accidentally bumped into Mr. Bryant of course I apolagized. I finally found Hannah. I later found out that Ashley hit her head and I hate that for her.

The other night me and Allie listened to some songs at this website and played them backwards and they had hidden messages which was freaky lol. But it was funny.

The Pope died yesterday. Which was terrible and I hate that. But Im sure hes in a better place.

Thats all for now.
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This is my new journal. I didnt like my old one and decided to try again. Im sorry for any inconvenience.

Heres my spring break
Thursday: I got my PSP an amazing product. I highly recommend it
Friday nothing interesting.
Saturday I hung out with corey. I came home and Instant messaged for a while. I also talked to Kitauna for 3 hours. It was nice lol.
Sunday Easter i went to my grandmothers and hung out with my family and cruz came to my house afterwards.
Monday Cruz went home and I dreaded school lol.
Tuesday went to school I actually got a 96 on a spanish test! I was proud of myself lol.
Anyhow thats all for now

From my new journal
Signing off
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